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Diana Wax Figure


Diana Life Like Wax Figure

Diana Wax Figure
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1). Particular: Waxwork Silicone Sculpture

2). Make up: painted on the surface and mix into silicon gel

3). Painting Color: Customized Realistic Figure Color

4). Maintainable: Surface preserve water and resist oxidation

5). Storage: place wax figure or silicone figure between 20C-40C

6). Texture: Look like realistic Human skin and refect to light

7). Hand Line: Like realistic human hand line whatever female and male

8). Details: we make museum quality silicone or wax figure according to offered image from client, and give economic customized body

9). Facial Details: only shows the basic expressions veins, scars even pimples are fully shown

10). Tenacity: breaks when fall strong body material prevents relatively light fall


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