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Einstein Wax Figure


Wax Einstein Model for the Famous Scinece & Technology Museum

Einstein Wax Figure
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Exhibted Wax Figure (Wax Einstein Model) for the Famous Scinece & Technology Museum. Many visitors and enthusiasts of science made together photo with this amazing Wax cultural figures, seem like realistic figure alive. This excellent wax scientist statue gave much entertainment to visitors.


1.Mixed Tech: Customized foam body and silicone wax figure head & hands making

2.Suit: According to client need, we equip suitable clothes to famous wax character

3.Skin Handling: keep surface skin light look like realistic human by silicon gel handle

4.Hair: Offer closest real hair to silicone rubber figure head (we also could make customized hair depend on client need)

5.Hand Mould: Because we have much adult hands mould which all kinds of size, so could save much cost of making quality waxen image

6.Package: First of all, we use air bubble film to pack wax statue surface, and use wooden box to pack all preserve damage in the transportation

7.Name: Life Size Wax Scientist Sculpture (Einstein Wax Statue Model)