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Michael Jackson Wax Sculpture


Super Pop Music King Micheal Jackson Wax Sculpture

Michael Jackson Wax Sculpture
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1.Customization: Customized Wax Figure Super Star in Pop Music House

2.Statement: Lifelike Pop Music Star Wax Figure Exhibition

3.Specification: Mixed Wax Pop Star Statue with Customized Body and Costume

4.Item Name: Life-Sized Michael Jackson wax Statue Model

5.Making Materials: Mixed Silica Gel and Quality White Wax

As for great Wax Statue for Super Star in the music field "Michael Jackson", we cost much time and energy to make this grest Museic Star Wax Statue Our quality Customized Wax Statue made out of white wax and pure handwork. Customized hairs and costume form outstanding appearance. Detailed face and eyes handle that make our life size wax Statue look like real that give people much entertainmen.