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Western Wax Figure


Museum Quality Western Wax Figure with Competitive Price

Western Wax Figure
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China Museum Quality Wax Figure ( wax figures ,sculpture,wax figures,waxwork ,sculpture)

Here Below is the Skill Information:

1.Indoor Playground Wax Figures(silicone wax figures,scuplture).

2.Wax Artwork Life Size Capulina Realistic Figure.

3.Making Material: silicone waxwork (Head and Hands parts), Customized body (Foam and fiberglass two choice according to client need.)

4.Type: Liflike siclion gel figure model (We make 1:1 proportion realistic figure model depend on client offered information)

5.All of process by handwork (Handcraft Wax Work Human)

6.Electric Moving Choice.(We could let Figure Hands and Head own simple movements according to client choice)

We also offers the following: 1.Also we can according to the information provided by you to creation 2.silicone wax figures is life size,looks very real. 3.We do not sell the products but for art.