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Beijing Waxwork House is located in inside the Hall of Abstinence of Ditan Park, which show different historic period's Real Size Chinese Celerities Wax Figure and aslo be domestic first large Waxwork Museum. The museum opened to visitors in 1990, and has 800㎡ building area. The Hall is original place of fast before Ming and Qing Dynasty emperors hold sacrifice, and has main hall, west wind-room and east wind-room. Waxwork Museum makes use of the three rooms as showroom. In the first showroom, there are Historical Figures Wax Sculpture; second is showroom of Science & Technology Wax Figures; third is room of Literature & Art Sculpted Figure Wax Statues. Total 56 vivid Wax Figures are exhibited in the three showrooms and each sculpture creation depend on historical pictures or files.

(1)Cheng Fang is famous educationist in Anti-Invasion war in China. He insist on educate then young people to take weapon against invaders, and positively create Alliance of Anti-War and Saving Country to collect Anti-War goods and materials for supporting war line Chinese troop. He toured all kinds of places in China South to hold institute that advertised all nationals will and enthusiasm of saving country. As a important Anti-War Historical Sillicone Figure Sculpture is exhibited in showroom, we are invited to make this great Educationist Hyper-Realistic Figure Model.

(2)Great China Leader Deng Xiao Ping Silicone Sculpture also exhibited in Beijing Waxwork Museum. This Hyper-Realistic silicone statue mainly represent South Talk and Tour Period which change whole China economy trend. Then, this great political leader proposed Open and Reform policy and coast reform try city to open China door and develop mainly economy. His famous words "let a small number of people riching first" to become then sign. Now, the rich people become China many Huge Industry fundamental. Amazing Political Leader Handcraft Silicone Figure show vivid to all visitors that make all tourists respect it when face the great Historical Figure Statue.