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We can make and customize any celebrity silicone figure for sale, whatever from any country. Just offer the high definition pictures and real size, we can create lifelike resin figure woder by handwork. Here, professional manufacturing silicone figure procedures offer you quality silicone works.
Here, you can see Brad Peter, Angelina Jolie and Nicolas Cage etc real size silicone figures. without going Hollywood Star Avenue. They also look vivid and show known scene from movie. If you are girl, can kiss the male icons you love. If you are man, can hug the dreamy sexy female stars. There, much entertainment from Celebrity Silicone Figures is waiting for your found.
Life Size Silicone Figure made in China with high quality and entertainment. In the celebrity house Singapore, display over 40 present celebrities silicone figures from sport, film and music etc. Celebrity house is close to Universal Studio, which function entertainment well. Each silicone figure made by handwork, and mix advantage of traditional wax figure.