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Bella Ming is owner of Taiwan Celebrity Museum. In 11th January 2013, she finalized 2 life size wax figures for her Museum. The Museum Wax Figure’s making according to original type of famous female singers. Two signers is Deng Lijun and Joey Rong. They represent respectively pride of Taiwan and Hong Kong. Two Museum Wax Figure looked so vivid seem like real figures.

Deng’s Wax Figure is dressed with traditional Cheongsam which shows mysterious oriental female’s beauty and sex. When Bella’s friend Adm Maxwell who comes from America see the wax figure for the first time, is fascinated to beautiful and sexy woman. He says that he would like costing 100 thousand dollars for one supper with her if she is alive.

Bella says that she has seen Hollywood wax figure at the Avenue of Stars in ten years ago. From then on, she wants to build Chinese Avenue of Stars all the time. The celebrity museum is her beginning of dream. She will gather more China’s celebrity wax figures for her museum from time to time, and devoted to build Chinese own Avenue of Stars.