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In Shanghai History Museum, our 10 life size Wax Figures Exhibited there. Through one month making with details, the amazing full size wax Figures came to thier new home. Because the figures which made by realistic figure proporation importantly represent present Shanghai's development at the field such as economy, sport, politics etc. to admire all Shanghai people works. Client call the sieres "Honored Shanghai". Through the insepction to our company strength and quality, client decided hand over the honored project to us. Through 3 days drawing and mould discussion, we immediately steped into making period. At last, we keep quality finish the project.

1. Liu Xiang Wax Statue as super sport star represent Shanghai's developing speed. The Olympic Champion of 110m hurdles gave China endless honors and happiness. He is a legend at the history of China Track and Field because he made the huge achievement at the Asian 110m hurdles history that break rule of westerns. We were honored to make this famous and proud National Hero Wax Figure.

Wax Celebrity Statue "Liu Xiang" Statue

2. Yao Ming also is super Basketball Star who create one miracle that entered into NBA and become leader figure in the Rocket Team. The powerful Basketball Star Wax Figure stand on the floor and show shoot ball gesture seem like our honored Yao come back. Yao also represent Shanghai height. As a local Shanghai people, Yao bring much honor to Shanghai.

Wax Basketball Star Statue Yao Min Sculpture