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Robert Pattinson is just the new young icon to get a Super Star Wax Figure at one of the famous outposts of Singapore Dragon Mall, which is biggest business mall

The charming guy's likeness is pretty good, which can't be said of each Celebrity Wax Figure. Scroll through the pictures below and check some other A-listers forever in Wax Figure Creation. And even though some may seem oddly out of ratio to real figure, know that we did not change the images in any way.

In front of fans screaming, "You're so amazing," sponsor unveiled their ordered Wax Figure from China at the Dragon Mall is to attract young groups.

"We are pleased to show the Super Star Wax Figure, young groups like," the manager of the mall said as the crowd screamed. "Before long, people will see more celebrity Wax Figure here."

Dressed in a black blazer with perfectly coiffed hair, White matched the color of his Wax Figure Replica.